TMJ Massage

TMJ - Finding relief

Do you suffer from TMJ?
TMJ is the unwanted shifting of the jaw to one side, causing mild to severe pain in the neck, head, and jaw. Common factors in TMJ dysfunction that can be helped by massage include headache, migraine, poor posture, whiplash injuries, chronic tension or over use, bruxism, stress, and muscle imbalance caused by occupational habits.

Massage in conjunction with care from your dentist or chiropractor can relieve tension and pain and help normalize jaw function. Your dentist may recommend a splint or night guard to help you stop clenching or grinding your teeth. A chiropractor can adjust your jaw to correct alignment and help it heal. And, since muscle tension can pull bones out of alignment, the client has a better chance of retaining a chiropractic adjustment when s/he receives massage in conjunction with chiropractic treatment.

I understand first hand how difficult it can be to find satisfying massage treatment for TMJ. After a long frustrating search for effective soft tissue treatment for a painful neck injury with jaw pain I finally developed a unique treatment that involves deep massage of all the muscles involved in TMJ dysfunction. Deep tissue and myofascial release of the surrounding muscles and intra-oral massage are part of my treatment. Latex-free gloves are worn while working inside the mouth to release the muscles. Most of my clients experience significant relief of tightness and pain and report feeling “more space” in their mouths.

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